Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballot Database Tampered With After the Epochtimes Article Published

On November 9, I published an article in the Chinese Epoch Times titled "Pennsylvania Ballot Data Suspicions: 220-Year-Olds Vote by Mail" (in Chinese)  which pointed out that there was evidence of fraud in Pennsylvania's "2020_General_Election_Mail_Ballot_Requests_Department_of_State" dataset. The dataset was updated on November 6, among which 23,305 ballots were returned earlier than sent dates.

The following day, an English-language Epoch reporter questioned the Pennsylvania government and ran a story based on the article, "Tens of Thousands of Pennsylvania Ballots Returned Earlier Than Sent Date: Researcher".

After the article was published, I found that between November 10 and 15, 23,305 ballots were still available on the official Pennsylvania State Government website for "ballots received by the government earlier than the date they were mailed out. When the dataset was updated on November 16, the 23,305 questionable ballots mentioned in the article had been intentionally altered. Only 185 remained unaltered. Therefore, this article is published to explain to the public.

A comparison of the records before (November 6) and after (November 16) the partial tampering shows that the changes were made to the October date the ballots were mailed from the polling center. Three records are shown below as an example.

The ballots for the first person in the image below were received by the Election Office on October 2. 

1. The original record of the government mailing out the ballots on October 10 (8 days after the government received the ballots back from the voter) has now been changed to September 29 (3 days before the return date); 

2. The date of mailing out for the second person in the image has been changed from October 27 to October 14; and 

3. The date of mailing out for the third person in the image has been changed from October 21 to October 13.

I just want to ask the administrators of the Pennsylvania election database, were you turning back the clock? You took the data records provided to the public as a game?  And you falsified them at will. What were you trying to cover up?

In addition, the previously freely downloadable Pennsylvania mail ballot data set now requires an account login as of November 21:

 by Ting Mei 2020.11.22

Translated from Epochtimes in chinese


Update 11/25/2020:

Someone did signed up an account to login, and  found the dataset no longer available for download:





















Update 12/12/2020:

Checked on 12/7/2020, the data at is available again, data kept as last updated on 11/16. According to the log here, it was available again starting on 12/2.


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